We incorporate the following beliefs and goals into our service approach:

  • People with dementia are able to experience joy, comfort, meaning, and growth in their lives.
  • Each person with dementia is unique, having a different makeup of abilities and need for support, which change over time as the disease progresses.
  • Good dementia care involves using information about a resident to develop “person-centered” strategies and approaches.
  • Successful services revolve around staff adjusting to the resident, rather than having the resident adjust to staff.


  • Spacious private apartment with full bath.
  • Bird aviary and reminiscing stations.
  • Comfortable and open floor plan that promotes cueing and visibility.
  • Outdoor courtyard where residents can stroll and enjoy nature.
  • Security measures to help restrict exit-seeking residents.
  • On-going staff training that educates employees about a variety of dementia related communication and care giving techniques.
  • Daily activities such as gardening, art, worship, reminiscing, singing, baking, exercises, & pet therapy.
  • Frequent meals and snacks that accommodate the special dining needs of memory support residents.